Fuse Board Rewire in Billingshurst | Specialist Electrical Work in the Surrey and West Sussex Areas

Although a fuse board rewire is entirely possible, you will find that most electricians will recommend upgrading to a more modern consumer unit if your current installation still has ceramic fuses fitted. At Bay Electrical, we do this to modern standards set in the UK Building Regulations (Part P), and to BS 7671 criteria specified in the current version of the IET Wiring Regulations, for a safe and compliant installation.

The fuse board, or the consumer unit, is the most important electrical installation inside any property. Both will offer protection against circuit overloading. This reduces fire and electrocution risks in homes and workplaces across the surrounding Billingshurst, Horsham and South East areas.

We can perform fuse board rewires and consumer unit upgrades for customers in the domestic and commercial sectors. Bay Electrical also performs full and partial electric rewires and can provide landlord certificates.

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Fuse Board Upgrades

Prior to installing a new consumer unit, our electricians test the current wiring circuit to ensure a good standard of installation and compliance with BS 7671. If we need to perform any additional work prior to fitting a new consumer unit into your property, or if your current installation complies with current legislation and only requires a partial fuse board rewire, we explain the required work in detail.

On completion of the agreed work, Bay Electrical commissions the installation, issues the relevant certification and, if needed, makes a Part P notification to your local authority in Billingshurst, Horsham or wherever it is that you are based.

Replacing a Fuse Board

It has been a mandatory requirement to have residual current device (RCD) protection included in any type of electrical installation since 2001. The RCD cuts power by tripping in the event of an electrical fault, which is particularly beneficial when supplying electricity to an outside source. Modern consumer units contain a minimum of one RCD. This protects the circuit bank in the event of earth leakage.

Because older boards with ceramic fuses have been superseded by modern consumer units inside most homes and businesses across the county, a traditional fuse board rewire is something that has become less common in more recent years.

We will usually recommend an upgrade if your fuse board is broken or outdated, made from wood, has rewireable fuses or has been the subject of a failed electrical inspection.

Bay Electrical recommends that you consult an electrician to discuss a fuse board rewire or consumer unit change if you are purchasing a property in Billingshurst, Horsham or one of the surrounding areas, if you are a landlord who wants to rent out a property, if you are about to purchase or renew insurance, or if you haven’t had an inspection for 10 years or more.

For fuse board rewires and upgrades, call 07862 224655. Bay Electrical covers electrical work in Billingshurst and the surrounding areas.