Electrical Rewires in Billingshurst | Electricians Covering Surrey and West Sussex

Full or partial, Bay Electrical is the name to trust in Surrey and West Sussex for electrical rewires. Choosing an electrician with NICEIC approval and a full understanding of the UK Building Regulations (Part P) and the IET Wiring Regulations is your personal guarantee of a safer brand of service which complies with BS 7671. Our company, located in Billingshurst, covers nearby Horsham and all areas across the region.

Bay Electrical can perform domestic and commercial electric rewires, including fuse board rewires, as standalone services or as part of the 1st-fix and 2nd-fix phases of a construction project. This means that in addition to homeowners and businesses, we also support main contractors in the regional building trade.

Please contact us to discuss your rewiring needs.

Full and Partial Rewires

Electric rewires cover the immediate needs of our customers and clients, and their future requirements. The electricians at Bay Electrical offer a complete service, disconnecting, removing and disposing of your old wiring before running new wires to fuse boards, switches, sockets and control panels. It is recommended that you have your property rewired every 25 to 30 years, only using a qualified tradesperson.

You should also consider a full electric rewire if you have purchased a property in Billingshurst, Horsham or one of the many surrounding areas for renovation. We plan to allow for any future expansion over the next few decades so, if you want to add an extension or convert a loft at any stage, much of the electrical work will already be partially completed.

An electrician may recommend full or partial electrical rewires under any of the following circumstances:

  • Visual damage to socket points, switches and lighting

  • Socket points overheating when in use

  • Overuse of extension leads or socket adapters

  • When relocating sockets mounted to skirting boards

  • If a fuse board has rewired fuses in the box

  • Adding more sockets to provide more connection points

Always use a qualified electrician to check for the above. It is unsafe for a non-competent person to do so.

Choosing to Rewire

A qualified tradesperson should be able to tell if a property has had a recent electric rewire by checking the current installation, fuse board and meter. If we find anything that is likely to pose a fire or electrocution risk, it is advisable to book in for a full or partial rewire, and to have your fuse board upgraded to a more modern consumer unit.

Only a professional tradesperson should:

  • Check the electrical wiring of switches and sockets

  • Identify cables showing above wall and ceiling plaster

  • Locate holes in fuse board boxes or wiring accessories

  • Identify unlabelled fuse boards and unrated lighting

  • Classify older accessories as not suited for purpose

  • Classify exterior lighting as not suited to outside use

Remember that full electrical rewires, even under the watchful eye of a qualified electrician, will lead to some disruption in your Billingshurst, Horsham, Surrey or West Sussex property until completion of the 2nd-fix phase. Bay Electrical is a considerate service provider. We treat your home with respect and do everything possible to minimise any disruption.

Our electricians are equally sensitive with fuse box rewires.

For full and partial electrical rewires, call 07862 224655. Located in Billingshurst, our electricians cover Surrey, West Sussex and the surrounding areas.