Landlord Certificates in Billingshurst from Accredited NICEIC Electricians

Fixed wire testing is a key service we provide for clients in our hometown of Billingshurst and the surrounding areas. Bay Electrical develops installations and systems through high-end electrical work. Our services include fuse board rewires, consumer unit upgrades, electrical rewires and EICR inspections which also cover the issue of landlord certificates. It is the latter of these services which we cover on this page.

What is an EICR Inspection?

An EICR inspection (Electrical Installation Condition Report) is the testing of installations in rental properties, amongst others, to ensure current regulatory compliance. On completion of inspection and testing, the assigned electrician issues an updated report which highlights any defects found and the subsequent work required to address these issues.

If there have been additional electrical works completed in a Billingshurst rental property since the last inspection, such as fuse board rewires or electric rewires, the electrician addresses these too. EICR inspections are needed for the issue of landlord certificates, as is PAT testing if the property also contains appliances that a tenant might use.

Why Are Electrical Inspections Important?

Without EICR inspections, tenants could be at risk of personal injury from electrocution or fire. This puts landlords at risk of prosecution, financial penalties and even imprisonment.

The inspection includes:

  • Testing to BS 7671 from an accredited NICEIC electrician

  • A full review of your rental property’s installation

  • Bespoke EICR reporting complete with circuit descriptions

  • Circuit charts and schematics available on request

  • Issue of landlord certificates at scheduled intervals

  • Written quotations for any remedial repair work needed

Any electrical work undertaken as the result of an EICR inspection in Billingshurst meets standards set in the UK Building Regulations and the IET Wiring Regulations.

The EICR inspection is not exclusive to landlords. Individuals and organisations should book in for fixed wire testing at the recommended interval although defects can occur at any time. Your electrician may find issues because of wear and tear, corrosion or overloading. Remedial electrical work can include full or partial electrical rewires. In the case of older fuse boards, full or partial rewires might not be an option.

Under such circumstances, we may recommend the installation of a more modern consumer unit.

The scheduled intervals for testing include:

  • Educational Facilities – Every 5 Years

  • Industrial Sector – Every 3 years

  • Retail Premises – Every 5 Years

  • Laboratories – Every 5 Years

  • Leisure Facilities – Every 3 Years

  • Construction Sites – Every 6 Months

  • Petrol Stations – Every 3 Years

  • Swimming Pool Facilities – Every 12 Months

The recommended inspection interval for landlord certificates in Billingshurst is every 5 years or the end of a tenancy. We can also perform electrical rewires, socket installations, fuse board rewires and additional socket installations, to name just a few, as standalone electrical work without an EICR.

We will always have an electrician available to help you.

For landlord certificates in Billingshurst, call 07862 224655. We are accredited NICEIC electricians.